5 Pros to the Iran nuclear deal

 1.  First and foremost it reduces Iran’s cache of uranium.

This part of the deal  is EXTREMELY important! To be frank this basically means Iran can’t make anymore uranium bombs and use them as a place of strategic success. Also this halts the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East which in turn stops the terrorism groups. President Obama has been quoted to say “In our time, the risk is that nuclear weapons will spread to more and more countries, particularly in the Middle East, the most volatile region in the world … we have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region.”

2. Oil is cheaper in the United States. 

To explain this very basically, Supply and Demand. When this deal with Iran was completed, more oil is available to the United States. So now that we have Iran’s supply open to us, along with numerous other countries: the supply for oil is up, so prices fall. 

3. Spread of nuclear weapons in Iran is deterred.

Part of the deal was agreed for international inspectors to have access to inspect sites. The White House released this on Twitter (as part of their #IranDeal): Track Iran’s nuclear activities with robust transparency and inspections.

4. Big foreign policy success by President Obama.

Whether you like President Obama or not, anyone would be blind to not recognize the triumphant victory achieved by him. This will go done as part of his legacy and one of many great things he has done as part of his terms.

5. Hostility between Iran and the U.S, is decreasing.

This deal will hopes destroy any hate towards Iran and make future deals more reasonable.


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