5 Things Exciting About Pluto!!



5 things exciting about Pluto!!


1. For the first time we have pictures of Pluto as of July, 2015.

Nasa’s New Horizons has recently got better close up pictures of Pluto.

2.  Pluto is an dwarf planet named after the Greek god of the underworld.

This  was proposed by an 11 year old schoolgirl from Oxford, England named Venetia Burney.

3. The small planet  has five known moons: Charon, Hydra, Pix, Styx, and Kerberos.

All of Pluto’s moons were discovered on different years and all of them were made by Nasa.

4. It was discovered on February 18th, 1930 by the Lowell Observatory.

Percival Lowell started the search for Pluto but died before he could finish it. Clyde Tombaugh finally (through the help of photography and a Comparator) had evidence of it.

5. Pluto has a heart shape on its surface.

After new pictures emerged, you can just make out a heart shaped outline on Pluto’s surface.

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