Boondocks Movie ~ Yes!!!


The Boondocks has to be one of the most racist yet most real comedies since All In The Family with Archer Bunker. But the twist with Boondocks, we get to see the black perspective on racism and black stereotypes. The show is hilarious and needs to be back on TV because the laughs are none stop. Check out a Boondocks episode here which starred Regina King and John Witherspoon.

Now the master mind behind Boondocks, Aaron McGruder wants to bring his witty comedy to the big screen possibly called the The Uncle Ruckus Movie. Aaron doesn’t have Hollywood’s financial support or backing so there is a Kickstarter project set up by him to help fund this movie project.

Personally I’m usually the last to give people money for projects that I am not connected to, but I want to see this movie. So, I’m about to go online and pledge a couple hundred buck. Let’s get this movies, the laughs will be endless I’m sure.

Why don’t you help him get this off the ground and pledge a few buck also. Boondocks Kickstarter project

The Uncle Ruckus Movie

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