Campaign Funded – Tips To Getting Backers

Do you need help with your crowdfunding project? Well, Campaign Funded – Tips To Getting Backers, is the book for you. This new book will feature tips to get funding for your project, 15 Do’s and Don’ts, and exclusive crowdfunding secrets. This advice teaches you how to appeal to contributors so that they are willing to fund your project. It also has expert advice on how to get your message out.

The author decided to add a crowdfunding project on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo called “Campaign Funded” using different techniques for each to and is documented in the book as well. This allows you (the reader) to see results from the advice and tips in the book first hand. These two campaigns are run totally opposite of each other and the results are quite overwhelming and clear. She makes some very strong statements why some campaigns fail, as she has an eye for them after researching and backing many of them. She calls herself a “serial backer” now.

The book “Campaign Funded” will give clear guidance to making your project successful and let you avoid steps which are essential for success. To read more about this incredible book go here.

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