Create iPhone Apps With No Programming

A new KickStarter project is out to benefit all who wants to become an independent business person or just create their great idea that they have thought of. It’s quite simple for anyone. Check out the
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Create iPhone Apps With NoProgramming

Have you ever tried to create an App?

I think that many people have thought about it and many have looked into building an app but quickly became totally confused and very intimidated by what they saw.

Pull out your smartphone. You probably have an app for navigation, your social networking, your favorite game, and a music app. But what if you could create great apps for all the great ideas you think about or the times you have said “That was my idea; I thought of that before!” – If only you knew how! YOU could be the one to build apps for your favorite restaurant, boutique, hair salon, home safety plan, inspirational quotes, or for your kids’ school…. There probably isn’t an app for many of those things, and the list goes on. See what I mean? The app market is WIDE OPEN!

With no knowledge and no simple instructions out there, it is like learning a foreign language.


Well, I have just that! I want to bring everyone to a new platform, exactly like that, and introduce them to building apps independently and for free! Everyone can familiarize themselves with the tools and LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE for FREE!

The problem for people with no or very little background in apps becoming developers is three-fold: 1) Learning programming language like “Objective-C” and “Python” and “Ruby”… is TOO HARD! 2) You need support from people who have encountered the same problem you’re facing, and 3) There is no clear helpful Step-by-Step guide to help you simply get the hang of it! At this point, it’s so easy to just Give Up!

Just like we have done with so many other ventures, It’s Too Hard! The biggest plus is that this platform REQUIRES NO CODING KNOWLEDGE at all. It will include strong technical support from a very knowledgeable team should you need them and plenty of step-by-step, click-by-click instructions for people who have no idea what they are doing. I’ve discovered that many people are afraid of building apps because of the difficulty in learning the many programming languages and with this platform, that difficulty is erased as no programming language is necessary.

This all takes a team to come to completion. I am seeking to raise funds to help get this platform off the ground and put together the most professional information and Step by Step VIDEO. These funds will allow for:

Complete development and building the Platform. Secure servers, backup data and storage that will able to support heavy traffic to my site! Two Desktops with for additional support staff Ensure maintenance and general management costs to ensure a successful outcome. Create the Step by Step Video for Platform. Because we have been working at this Platform this is not asking for as much considering what an endeavor of this magnitude commands. Of course, you, my backers, will be personally given priority assistance with the steps needed to create your first App made with this platform and processed into the App Store (Apple for iPhone – iPad, Google Play for Android and Amazon for Kindle). Become an App Developer for personal or business purposes. All the glitches will be worked out to smooth completion. So let’s click on the link today and see what YOU can do to help your apps and money start rolling in. KickStarter

After the project the Platform will be hosted at Be sure to check this great site out.

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