Elizabeth Vargas Alcoholic

ABC News reporter Elizabeth Vargas has publicly acknowledged that she’s an alcoholic, and said it took her years to admit it. In an interview aired Friday on “Good Morning America,” Vargas said hiding her problem from others was exhausting. She said her husband, singer-songwriter Marc Cohn, wasn’t fooled.

“You have a problem. You’re an alcoholic,” she said he told her, adding that his words “made me really angry, really angry. But he was right.”

Last fall, Vargas spent several weeks in a treatment facility and is now in Alcoholics Anonymous. She told “GMA” co-anchor George Stephanopoulos in the interview taped Thursday that she’s proud of confronting her problem. And when asked by George Stephanopoulos  “Is it hard not to drink?”

“Yeah,” Vargas replied. So I think we all should congratulate Elizabeth on coming out on this very personally topic and getting the help she needs.




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