Finding Carter A Must See!!!

There’s plenty of drama to be mined from this juicy premise—and for the most part, episode one of Carter manages to do so without straying too far into Lifetime Original territory.

There are, however, a few little plot nuggets that point at unnecessary complications to come down the line.

First and foremost: Elizabeth’s having an affair with a hunky fellow officer… who also happens to be the father of Taylor’s best friend, Gabe. And Taylor is secretly in love with Gabe. And Gabe is not-so-secretly into Carter.

There’s also the matter of Carter’s fake mom, who escapes the clutches of police custody only to pop up again just long enough to tell Carter that there are things her “daughter” doesn’t know, “things [she] should know,” about her past—not to mention a montage of future scenes that indicates things could get very ridiculous very quickly; there’s a lot of yelling, and kissing, and dramatic exiting as music swells.

If you were reading this and getting excited then you have to watch i mean have to watch the show from the start.finding_carter_h_2014

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