Google honors Special Olympics

If you go now on the Google homepage, you will see a track arena with athletes being physical. This animated image is giving light to the Special Olympics which starts today. Taken from the Special Olympics website “Special Olympics, the global leader for people with intellectual disabilities, will hold the world’s largest sports and humanitarian event in the world capital for media and entertainment in 2015, uniting the world through sports in a celebration of the abilities and accomplishments of people with intellectual disabilities and forming a new global vision of acceptance.”  The Games will end on August 2, 2015 and will be hosted in Los Angeles, California. There are a plethora of sports being competed but some  highly anticipated ones are basketball, volleyball, golf, and tennis.

To me the Special Olympics is a great and evolutionary event for people with disabilities whether physical or mental. I’m glad that Google choose to put the image on for the Games so many people (who haven’t been exposed to aspects of this life) can learn and maybe even help efforts aiding people with abilities.

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