Kevin Durant Smoking Hookah?

On blast last night was Kevin Durant of the OKC Thunder via Twitter. A retweet photo of Kevin was posted from various tweeters (of course with a fake tweet from Kevin):

@KDTrey5: plane stuck in Denver, well since I’m here……

Kevin Durant Smoking
Kevin Durant Smoking 1

Whooooooooaaaaaaaaa, Kevin Durant Smoking Hookah or what?

Well, it didn’t take long for the rebuttal to start: Kevin Durant Smoking 2

Kevin Durant quickly tweeted from his hacked phone that his phone was hacked and that yeah he was smoking hookah, hmmmmm well it’s quite possible considering all that smoke, right? The photo was quickly deleted but not before many retweeted and captured it.

With Colorado recently opening up to the use of weed for recreational use, the whole incident is quite funny. I think someone needs to be a bit more careful with their phone.

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