Michelle Obama Dancing at Easter Egg Roll

Michelle Obama has made several onstage appearances where she is dancing for her Let’s Move Initiative, which encourages people to move and lead an healthy lifestyle. The choreographed dance is apart of her Gimme Five campaign, and the dance is paired with Bruno Mar’s “Uptown Funk”.

In recent events First Lady Michelle Obama has been doing this dance on the Ellen Degeneres Show and at the White House Easter Egg Roll. She also has started a Gimme Five challenge, since it’s the fifth anniversary of the LMI, which asks Americans to do five new moves to be more healthy. Famous celebrities such as Beyonce, Nick Jonas, Conan O’ Brian, Ryan Seacrest, Dwayne Wade, and more have taken it up. You can check out some other vids of her dancing with Jimmy Fallon “Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2” or in her upcoming special appearance on “Sunny Side Up”.

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