Nail trends, Sally Hansen !!!!

We all know Sally Hansen is a big contender in the nail Polish world, so there is no surprise when they came out with two new nail lines. The first one; Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat, which comes in eight textured colors. The second new line is called Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat this line also comes with eight textured colors.


Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat line is a rough textured nail polish. The appearance is similar to caviar nails or salt nails. Recommended coats you should apply on each nail are two but you can apply as many as you’d like. Let each coat dry completely for better results.

Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat is a 3D textured nail polish that gives nails a grandma handmade Christmas sweater effect (I know lame). A first for me seeing any kind of nail polish with this effect or kind. Recommended coats for this nail polish is two-three coats also and with this one you should wait for each coat to completely dry for the best results. Both of these nail lines can be found at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Kmart, and Target.

fuzzy coat

Some negative responses are:

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat; clumps up, very sticky, chips easily

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat; hard to take off, chips easily , the texture makes it hard to apply clear coat

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