Sandra Bland’s dash cam video released!

Recently yesterday, the video of Sandra Bland being pulled over by a cop was released. It was recorded via a dash cam and showcases what happened before she was brought into police custody. The videos reveals why she got arrested and how the situation escalated from getting pulled over. It starts with her the police officer going up to her door, asking her whats wrong, telling her to put out her cigarette and when she refuses makes her get out of her car. From then it is pretty graphic with him moving her out of the dash cams view (so you can’t see whats happening) but you can still hear what’s going on. Sandra Bland is screaming at him that he is hurting her (about to break her wrist) and she being thrown to the ground. You can watch the video here and witness what happened for yourself.

A second video highlighting what happened during that frame of time was recorded by a bystander. Although that person didn’t get to capture what happened when Sandra Bland was first removed out of the dash cam sight, we still get a glimpse of what happened. The video that was released on Youtube by user Shazzam1294 and you can watch it here.

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