Serena Williams Abandons A Double Match In WIMBLEDON, ENGLAND

It was noticed early on Serena Williams was in trouble before the first point of her doubles match Tuesday at Wimbledon.She had trouble several times performing basic tasks of hand-eye coordination, including picking up balls or catching those tossed to her.Williams told them she felt faint, wiped away tears and covered her face.

serena williams

But being a Williams she eventually decided to play, and the crowd cheered as she took the court. She was not up to the test. She double-faulted four times, also including several serves that bounced near the net or hit the frame of her racket. After the third double fault, the chair umpire, Kader Nouni, rose from his Chair to ask Williams if she was able to continue. One double fault later, Williams walked to her chair, with Venus holding her hand briefly. The two then officially retired from the match.

Venus and Serena Williams then walked slowly off the court together. The referee’s office then listed the reason for the withdrawal as a viral illness.

Let’s Hope this Champion tennis player can get back on her feet and bring home a win next year!!!

Get Well Soon Serena.serena williams

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

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