Return of Derrick Rose

Return of Derrick Rose

All of Chicago is intensly waiting, although patiently for the return of Derrick Rose. Derrick still rehabbing from his injury, Coach Thibodeau stated: “When he starts fully practicing, then he’ll probably be more on the bench. But if he can get that extra work in (during games), I’d rather have him doing that.” Chicago Tribune It is also being reported in the Chicago Sun-Times that Derrick Rose is back to dunking and shooting jumpers since…

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How Do We Stop The Violence Between Rival Gangs?

How Do We Stop the Violence Between Rival Gangs? Can it be stopped? (the answer is below) There is so much that isn’t understood in why there is gang violence or killing among our youth but to get to the core of stopping it we must first START somewhere. After we start we must then find solutions to resovle the issues, which for one starts with the youth and gang members “Lost of Hope”, in…

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