What Is Crowdfunding?

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a type of way of raising money for a businesses, projects, or something personal. By asking a large number of people to donate a small amount of money to their project of business.

And you doing it by the internet helps your project be seen by thousands or millions of people are digging your project and they like it they will back your project or donate to you.

There are four types of crowdfunding but the two most popular ones are Donation/Reward and private funded.

Donation/Reward is the process of when people back you for a certain amount and in return they get a reward such as acknowledgements on a site or free product. They can just wanna donate or they have a social or personal motivation.

The second one is private funded campaigns where a group of backers who only back certain projects a great website to look at is CampaignFunded

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