Yes it’s true, Cam Newton Has A Baby

Yes it’s true, America’s new NFL sweetheart Cam Newton has a baby with his girlfriend and posted the news on Twitter.

Perhaps the excitement of becoming a father is what has helped Cam and his team the Carolina Panthers to reach such an outstanding winning season.

However, this baby news isn’t popular with everyone as many have posted negative comments about the baby’s mother who apparently used to be a stripper. It’s no secret there’s a strong connection between strippers and athletes (true or rumored: Paul George, James Harden, Jason Kidd, Alex Rodriguez, Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather, Brannon Jennings, Desean Jackson, Chris Bosh, Jordan Hill… this list is never ending 🙂 Athletes Who Love Strippers

In either case, congrats to Cam Newton on the birth of his son.


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